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Eli 5 Stone is a renowned illustrator, writer and creative talent whose freelance career gained global attention when he took over duties as the sole writer, penciler, and inker for The Tick comic book, in succession from The Tick’s creator. He has composed images for the autobiographies of both Tommy Lee and Eminem, and worked extensively for film company Artisan Entertainment. He’s written for the screen, collateral advertising pamphlets and radio spots, and has led/supported numerous advertising campaigns.   


Eli 5 continues to grow his branding and commercial illustration expertise, with clients such as Honeywell Technologies, Westin Hotels, and Red Robin Restaurants, but still enjoys working with clients on a more individual and intimate level such as a parent wanting a special drawing for their child. In his spare time, he is a sculptor, animator, and prolific photographer


Eli lives in Topsfield, Massachusetts with his wife and two children.

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